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If you ask what a coffee mate is, most people might say: It is a milk that makes coffee whiter and thicker. In fact, if you take a serious look at the instructions on the coffee mate, I am afraid that the truth will be a thousand miles away. In fact, the saturated fatty acids and “trans fatty acids” contained in the ingredients have been identified by the nutrition community as an adverse cardiovascular health component.

On the front of the coffee mate, there are three small words: “Frosted”. What is it? The ingredients say: The first ingredient is “glucose pulp”, which is something that is produced by hydrolysis of starch, slightly sweet and slightly viscous. The second component is “hydrogenated vegetable oil”, which is a solid or semi-solid oil formed by artificial catalytic hydrogenation of soybean oil or rapeseed oil.

It is well known that eating lard butter is not good for heart health because it contains too much saturated fat. The plant powder oil after this hydrogenation is also a product containing a large amount of saturated fat. Worse, some of these products also contain dangerous “trans fatty acids”. This fatty acid is an “alienated” fatty acid that, unlike its natural state, is brought about by the “hydrogenation” process. After artificial catalytic hydrogenation, most of the natural unsaturated fatty acids in vegetable oils become saturated fatty acids, and if the hydrogenation is incomplete, the unsaturated fatty acids contained therein may lose the natural “cis structure” (bending state). Produces unnatural “trans fatty acids” (approximately straight state). This unsaturated fatty acid is easily solidified and is also solid at room temperature. Normal unsaturated fatty acids are in a liquid state at room temperature and are easily distinguished.

Because “trans fatty acid” is not a normal component in nature, but an unnatural component formed during the artificial modification of natural oils, it is not contained in the human body. However, as early as 1981, scientists found that the content of “trans fatty acids” was abnormally elevated in the remains of patients with coronary heart disease.

A number of studies in recent years have confirmed that trans fatty acids are very harmful. Not only does it, like lard butter, it raises serum total cholesterol, serum total lipids and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, but also lowers high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, also known as “good cholesterol.” Moreover, the survey found that the more “trans fatty acids” in the diet, the higher the mortality rate of coronary heart disease. Some recent studies have shown that trans fatty acids may also increase the incidence of breast cancer and diabetes, and may affect children’s growth and development and nervous system health.

However, with the gradual westernization of the diet, this unhealthy “trans fatty acid” has penetrated the lives of Chinese people. In addition to coffee mate, plant butter, ice cream, pastries, butterscotch, cookies, and meringues in supermarkets may contain hydrogenated vegetable oils. Crispy pastries, Danish bread, Indian tortillas, and loose “pai” are unique because of hydrogenated vegetable oils. Fried chicken and French fries in American fast food are crispy due to hydrogenated vegetable oil. Even in the delicious Longfeng dumplings, this ingredient is also included!

For the health of the public, many countries are studying the limits of trans fatty acids in foods, at least to inform the public about the trans fatty acids in food. In the absence of a response from China, consumers may wish to keep an eye on the food label if they are marked with “hydrogenated vegetable oil”, “plant cream”, “plant fat”, “margarine”, “plant creamer” on the ingredient list. The words “shortening” and “lipid” must be vigilant because it means that the food contains trans fatty acids. The content of trans fatty acids in different non-dairy products is very different. If the hydrogenation is complete, the trans fatty acid content is low; the hydrogenation is incomplete and the trans fat content is high. Some small enterprises’ non-dairy products may have higher trans fat content because of poor control of reaction conditions.

So what should I do if I don’t add a coffee mate when I drink coffee? The best way is to add hot whole milk directly. Milk coffee not only tastes the same flavor, but also has a higher nutritional value.

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