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Nowadays, many people are used to “sweet breakfast, lunch, and dinner”, and dinner often eats very late. In fact, this practice is very unhealthy for health; in addition, the practice of not eating dinner and losing weight has also been denied by experts. So, how should dinner be eaten, which is most beneficial to the health of the body? Eat a little bit full, eat what, how to eat?

For office workers, dinner is a headache. Breakfast has been rushed, lunch is outside, lunch is already exhausted, the body is extremely unsatisfied, I really want to have a big meal to comfort myself. However, when thinking of a rich dinner, women who are afraid of getting fat are deeply worried, lest the size of the waist grows. At the same time, the housewives are full of worry. Is it suitable for a husband who has high blood fat and fatty liver to eat such a dinner?

Eat enough, time is too late, there is no exercise at night, worry about affecting health; do not eat hungry, but also afraid of malnutrition, physical decline, can not sleep at night. How should the dilemma of dinner be resolved?

Here to help everyone to make suggestions, to create the body to buy the most way to eat.

First of all, let’s talk about when dinner is appropriate. The ideal situation is to rest at least 3 hours from bed. At this time, the food in the stomach has not left much, and it will not affect the quality of sleep at night. Having a little time between meals and going to bed before going to bed will also reduce the risk of getting fat. In other words, if you take a break at 10 o’clock in the evening, then dinner should be at 6-7.

The second thing to discuss is that it is appropriate to eat a few full meals for dinner. If you eat the scorpion eyes as 10 full, then the normal dinner should eat 7 points full. The so-called 7 points full, that is to say, the stomach has not felt bloated, no sense of burden, appetite has weakened, habitually want to eat a few more mouths, but if you take the food away, do not feel sorry, and at night Don’t feel hungry before going to bed. If you need to lose weight, you can eat 5 minutes. That is to say, the feeling of hunger basically disappears, but there is also a clear appetite, and I want to eat some more. It may be a bit hungry before going to bed.

The third factor that must be considered is whether there is any activity at night. If it is a gentle exercise, such as doing a radio exercise, taking a walk, you can do it 20 minutes after a meal. If it is an activity such as running or yoga, it is best to be one and a half hours after the meal, and ideally after 2 hours. Because at this time the stomach is no longer heavy, it will not affect digestion, and it will be easier to exercise. If there is some exercise at night, you don’t have to go hungry for dinner, as long as you eat lighter, you can prevent weight gain.

Then it is necessary to make it clear that when people eat 5-7 points, they can easily stop and feel more satisfied. It is necessary to work hard on ingredients and cooking methods.

The ingredients for dinner are not greasy for most of the time. Fatty steaks, braised pork, are not really suitable for dinner. If you really like it, you can only eat it occasionally, or you can eat it with two mouthfuls. If you change to stewed chicken, steamed fish, sauce beef, boiled shrimp, etc., the fat content will be much less, but because the protein content is very high, it should not be excessive at dinner, meat, fish, seafood, etc., preferably no more than 1 two .

In contrast, it is not easy to eat for breakfast and lunch, it is worth adding to the menu at dinner. In the morning, people rarely eat vegetables. It is often difficult to eat enough vegetables at noon because they eat out or make a haste. If the dinner is completely omitted, then the amount of vegetables eaten in a day will be pitiful and you will not be able to meet the health goal of 500 grams of vegetables a day. For example, it is difficult to eat coarse grains of beans and potatoes outside, and when cooking at night, you can give yourself these ingredients that are very beneficial for preventing a variety of diseases. Use them instead of white rice white tassels, which can not only eat less and improve the sense of fullness, but also change the taste and bring new food fun.

If you really want to eat a weight loss meal at night, you don’t have to be completely hungry. Consider fruit + yogurt, coarse grain porridge + vegetables, beans + nuts + vegetables, and potatoes + soy products + vegetables.

If you sleep late at night and feel hungry when you eat less, consider adding a supper. For the eating of the nightingale, please see the relevant blog post.

Weight loss dinner recipe example

Weight Loss Dinner 1. Oatmeal Jujube Soy Milk + Black Sesame Cashew Spinach + Steamed Ding

Oatmeal jujube soy milk: 15 grams of soybeans, 10 grams of oats and red dates, made by soymilk.

Black sesame cashew spinach: 200 grams of spinach cooked, cut into 1 piece of roasted cashew nuts and cooked black sesame.

Steamed glutinous rice: Fresh lotus root 150 pieces are steamed and garnished with a small amount.

Nutrition reminder

1 There are starch , and there are more fibers. Cooked and not hurt the stomach, hungry and not easy to gain weight, use it instead of staple food.焯 Spinach has a good taste and is rich in antioxidants and can be used to fill the volume. After adding nuts, the taste is better and vitamin E is added. Drink a cup of soy milk at that time, you can drink a cup half an hour before going to bed to prevent hunger. Don’t look at the size is very large, the stomach is full, the energy is very very low, especially suitable for weight loss dinner.

2 If there is a salty taste in the marketed cashew nuts, there may be little or no salt added to the spinach. Adding some oil to the spinach can improve the taste and facilitate nutrient absorption.

Weight loss dinner 2. Milk egg tart + yogurt (100 grams, full fat, original flavor) + assorted fruit (300 grams, according to your preference)

Milk tart: 100 grams of skimmed milk and 1 egg. Add a small amount of salt, sesame oil and green onion, and mix and steam.

Nutrition reminder

1 Egg tarts are easy to operate, rich in taste and taste, and ample supply of various vitamins and calcium. Eating a slightly salty low-energy milk egg tart can bring a feeling of dinner. When there is no salty taste at all, many people will feel that the appetite is not satisfied.

2 You can take the yogurt out of the refrigerator and warm it first; first eat a bowl of hot egg tarts, then eat yogurt and fruit after a while, the stomach will be more comfortable.
Weight Loss Dinner 3. Cold sea sprouts + sauce beef + mixed vegetables + oat rice porridge

Mix seaweed: dry sea buds (or wakame, kelp, etc.) 1 scoop of foam, wash, fruit vinegar or balsamic vinegar, drop a few drops of sesame oil.

Sauce beef: Beef homemade sauce or purchased beef sauce, 30 grams, cut into thin slices, simmer a small amount of garlic vinegar sauce, sprinkle a small amount of chopped green onion.

Big salad: 50 grams of lettuce, chicken, purple cabbage, sweet pepper, shredded, white rice vinegar, sugar, salt or soy sauce, walnut oil, the right amount.

Oatmeal rice porridge: 50 grams of oatmeal and rice, 8 times of water and porridge.

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