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Seeing the days of the college entrance examination and the senior high school entrance exam is coming soon. The question about what to eat during the exam period has become a worry for parents. In fact, in addition to these major exams, college and university students at the end of each semester of the course exams, all kinds of licenses, certificate exams, have similar problems: when the pressure on the brain, what to eat?

Let me first talk about the most important dietary considerations when mental activity is highly stressful.

The general principles of the test diet can be summarized into the following three themes:

  • Grasp the safety of food, do not cause any physical discomfort caused by improper diet, affecting intellectual play.
  • Keep blood sugar level stable, let the brain work efficiently for a long time, and avoid brain loss.
  • Ensuring good sleep at night, fully regaining energy and exerting thinking efficiency on the second day.

The first one is of course the most important. Important things to say to parents three times: food safety! food safety! food safety!

Every year, some students influence the test because of gastrointestinal discomfort, food poisoning, food allergies and other issues. As far as the college entrance examination is concerned, this situation is purely the responsibility of parents! One of the students I have taught was originally a very good high school student. Because of the vomiting and diarrhea on the day before the test, I had a fever and took the disease to the examination room. As a result, my grades were affected and I was not able to get my first choice. I have had experience in my own college days because of abdominal pain and diarrhea during the exam, which affects the results of the course test.

Therefore, before the college entrance examination, we must pay special attention to the three major disciplines of food safety:

1.Things that your child has never eaten, or foods that have had adverse reactions after eating, no matter how delicious or nutritious, don’t give them to children to avoid food allergies and food intolerance. Not to mention that the whole body is rash and itching, even if it is flatulence, it will affect the concentration of attention during the exam!

2.Do not eat at the restaurant often. It is best for parents to buy food and make three meals for their children. The test time is in the summer, and the food in the restaurant may not be safe. The total number of bacteria in cold dishes is very common, and the raw materials in hot vegetables may also deteriorate. If you must eat outside, it is recommended not to order cold dishes, or to eat dishes containing tofu raw materials, they are more dangerous. It is best not to fry the food, because the quality of the oil repeatedly fried has decreased, which is harmful to the digestive tract and the liver.

3.When eating at home, be sure to pay attention to safety issues in storage and cooking. The chopping board, kitchen knife, dish bowl and sink in the house must be separated from each other. The cook should wash the hands immediately after touching the raw fish and raw egg shells to handle other foods. If the food is not enough, it should be stored in a timely manner. The cold storage room should be separated from raw and cooked. After being taken out of the refrigerator, it must be completely heated and sterilized before eating. The freezer room can’t be ignored. The cold food directly like the ice cream ice cream can’t be placed on the same floor as the raw meat in the freezer! It’s really common to eat bad stomachs at home, but it can’t happen during the exam.

In addition, there are two more points:

1.The specific practice of food should be determined according to the constitution of the candidate. If your child is weak and chilly, eat cold drinks and cold dishes. If your child does not digest well, don’t give him greasy fried and sticky food. If it is easy to get acne, pay attention to eat more vegetables and stay away from sweets. Sweet drink, control the amount of oil and salt.

2.Especially the summer is a variety of fruits. If the gastrointestinal function is weak, greedy fruit is prone to diarrhea and indigestion. For example, strawberries, cherries, kiwis, mulberries, grapes, watermelons, melons, etc., excessive diarrhea may occur. It is best to eat 200 grams per day according to the recommendations of the Chinese Dietary Guidelines.

The second item is also very important, that is, to supply food that can stabilize blood sugar.

Candidates’ foods are best not to eat all white and soft, because such foods have too much blood sugar fluctuations, which seriously affects brain power. For candidates with insufficient daily exercise and soft muscles, if the quality of breakfast is not high, blood sugar will be low during two hours, making it difficult to concentrate; when blood sugar is high after lunch, people will feel drowsy. The speed of the brain will also drop, which is undoubtedly extremely unfavorable for candidates who are highly nervous for three hours.

To stabilize blood sugar, let the breakfast energy be released stably within 3 hours after the meal. Pay attention to high protein foods and nuts to eat with starchy food. For example, if you eat two slices of bread or two kinds of buns every day, it is difficult to guarantee the blood sugar level 2 hours after a meal. You can’t guarantee the stability of blood sugar by eating only rice noodles or rice noodles. If you drink a cup of soy milk or milk first (provided that there is no lactose intolerance and flatulence problems), then eat two buns (other staple foods can also be), add an egg, the quality of breakfast is greatly improved. If you add a spoonful of walnuts or other nuts, it is more ideal to delay energy release and maintain blood sugar stability.

Controlling blood sugar after lunch is stable, and the reason is similar. There is no time to cook vegetables for breakfast, but a bowl of chewy vegetables (such as various green leafy vegetables and mushrooms) at lunch, and then eat with other vegetables and high-protein fish and eggs together with rice dumplings and other staple foods. Properly delay the blood sugar response, allowing the brain to have a continuous supply of energy within three hours. Be sure to eat a bowl of vegetables before you start eating staple foods, because you can fully exert the “energy release” effect. At the same time, protein and B vitamins in vegetable and animal foods are essential nutrients for candidates to think effectively.

The third item is to ensure a good night’s sleep, to ensure that the brain has a good rest, and to take the best test of the next day’s exam. This item is also related to diet, because eating too much and too greasy dinner is not conducive to evening review, and is not conducive to the quality of sleep. Lack of calcium, magnesium, and B vitamins in food can also degrade sleep quality and make it difficult to stabilize.

Dinner does not need to eat too little, because there will be hunger. Just cook light and oil, eat more vegetables (if you eat potatoes, you can only count the staple food, you should deduct the rice steamed bread, etc.), the rice noodles are reduced to 80%, or you can eat some staple food staples. This will not be drowsy after a meal. If you are worried about hunger at night, drink a cup of yogurt at 9 o’clock and it will be fine.

Milk, green leafy vegetables and miscellaneous grains have additional benefits for candidates. Milk and yoghurt contain a lot of calcium, and the soothing peptide produced by the decomposition of milk protein can help the body maintain a calm state, which is just to help overcome the irritability during the test. When calcium is deficient, people tend to be overly nervous and have insufficient patience. This is a taboo for the exam. Magnesium in green leafy vegetables also has a similar effect. Studies have shown that sleep quality declines when calcium and magnesium are insufficient, and timely supplementation can increase the time of deep sleep in insomnia.

From the perspective of vitamin and mineral supply, if you can mix some oatmeal, millet, red beans and other whole grains, or breakfast cereals, the quality of the diet will be better, because the B vitamins they provide are very effective for the brain to work efficiently. help. However, if the candidate does not have the habit of eating miscellaneous grains on a daily basis, it is not necessary to suddenly change the diet during the examination to avoid the intestines being unsuitable in the short term. After the exam, slowly develop good habits that will benefit future life.

The same is true for milk. If you don’t like to drink milk on your test day, or if you have abdominal bloating after drinking milk, don’t deliberately let them drink. You can switch to yogurt. Teenagers usually like to drink yogurt. The taste of yogurt is sweet and sour, and there is no lactose intolerance, which is good for digestion and absorption.

Although Chinese people often have the idea of ​​”finding tricks”, they always want to have some miracles happening, and get some special secrets, but in the case of a big test in a few days, don’t be obsessed with finding something “through diet. Ways to improve IQ. If someone provides this method, it must be a liar and a fool. Do not infuse intravenously, it is very dangerous; do not add glucose, blood sugar is high or low, but it is not conducive to brain power. Whether you eat protein powder or eat fish oil, it is impossible to improve your intelligence before the test. Instead of tossing the child’s stomach and blood and increasing their mental stress, it is better to eat well.

It must be remembered that people’s IQ will not change in a few days. It is wise to be able to ensure the best level of play through a good physical and emotional state at the current IQ level!

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