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After giving a diet and nutrition lecture to a unit, I was surrounded by a group of listeners and asked questions. More interestingly, everyone seems to pay special attention to the starch content of food.

A big sister asked: I just found out that the blood sugar exceeded the standard. Today, I heard that the sugar index of the beans is extremely low. I want to use a red bean, mung bean, kidney bean and the like to replace some rice white noodles as a staple food. But are these beans not particularly high in starch? Do you want to use powdered beans, fans, jelly, etc.?

A man asked: I especially like to eat potatoes, but my stomach is too big, the doctor let me lose weight, I am worried that the potato starch content is too high, I dare not eat.

I replied: Let’s start from the beginning. It seems that everyone is really misunderstood about the starch content of food.

All kinds of food, including rice, flour, millet, corn, etc., the starch content is actually very similar, it is only a few percentage points, most of them between 70% and 80% (is not amazing!). Because everyone’s moisture content is basically the same, they are very dry, and the fat content is also very low. Generally speaking, the content of protein and dietary fiber is slightly higher, and the starch is slightly less. For example, the protein content of wheat (flour) and buckwheat is two or three percentage points higher than that of rice, and their starch content is two or three percentage points lower than that of rice.

Compared with rice white noodles, red bean, mung bean, cowpea, garbanzo and other miscellaneous beans have low glycemic index and low starch content. Rice white-faced corn is 75% to 80% starch, and miscellaneous beans are only 50% to 60% starch. There is less starch, what is more? It is more protein. Rice contains only 7% protein, while various beans contain about 20% protein. However, you will find an important fact: the beans are particularly hungry. Eat 2 or 2 rice cooked rice, if you eat less, then you will be hungry faster; but eat 2 two red beans boiled bean rice, eat more full, and hungry significantly slower. Therefore, when dieting and losing weight, it is very wise to add some beans to the staple food, which can reduce calories without reducing the sense of fullness.

Potatoes such as potato, sweet potato, taro, and yam contain 16% to 24% starch. But don’t forget, it contains a lot of water! It is unfair to use them directly with rice white noodles. If calculated according to dry weight, the starch content of potato flour and rice is basically the same; but if converted according to fresh potatoes, fresh sweet potatoes, etc., an average of about 4 pounds of fresh potatoes is equivalent to the starch content of 1 kg of rice.

According to the northeast rice, the daily 1 kg of rice can steam 2.3 kg of rice, the starch content of cooked rice is about 34%, and the starch content of potatoes and sweet potatoes is only about 20%, so even with a bowl of steamed white rice Compared with a bowl of steamed potatoes of the same weight, it is still more starchy rice.

Therefore, we must remind everyone that when eating steamed sweet potatoes, fried potatoes, taro stewed chicken and yam yam, you must deduct the staple food such as rice taro, otherwise the two will add too much starch. La. However, if you use steamed potatoes to replace rice, eat the same amount of weight, it is more conducive to weight loss. Moreover, the dietary fiber of potato is more abundant. If you do not add oil, the same calorific value will be used. The salt-free and oil-free steamed potato will be stronger than rice.

The people who asked the question said with amazement: There are so many starches in the white rice noodles! Why have we never thought of this!

I said: It seems that people do not dislike the white rice noodles with low nutritional value. They are always worried about other “non-traditional” starchy foods with high nutritional value. They criticize “starch” and all kinds of desires. Can sigh for one.

Among the natural foods, the food with the highest starch content is rice white flour and corn, but it is also over 80%; kneading dough, buckwheat and the like are significantly lower because of their higher protein, fat and dietary fiber. However, after artificially extracting the starch, the content can be further increased.

For example, the various glutinous rice powders used in the simmering, the sago made from the cassava, and the glutinous rice flour, glutinous rice flour, pueraria powder, and cassava flour extracted from the starchy foods are all quite equivalent. Pure starch, protein and other ingredients are less, vitamins and minerals are also lost, only a small amount of water combined with starch content of 85% to 90%. Of course, when we wash the paste, we will add a lot of water. The heat is not too high, and it is similar to the porridge. However, when you drink the paste, you always add sugar. If you feel sweet, you will have more than 8%. The sugar, so the heat will inevitably increase, so it needs to be controlled like a sweet drink.

Everyone is amazed. A woman said: I still think that sweet glutinous rice flour and sago dew contain less starch, and often use them for meals. It is better to drink millet porridge…

There is also a little girl asked: When you lose weight, do you have to eat less starch? What staple food has the least amount of starch?

I patiently explained that when you lose weight, you really need to reduce the intake of white starch, but you don’t need to find a low staple food. This is because the main goal of people eating staple food is to supply enough starch to the body while giving your stomach enough fullness. Starch has a protein-saving effect. When starchy foods are eaten too little, the protein is broken down as heat. Even if you eat fish and eggs, you can’t use it for body maintenance and renewal. This is very prone to problems such as amenorrhea. When the starch food is too small, the blood sugar level is liable to decrease. If the brain does not get the glucose that you like, there will be many problems such as slow thinking, inattention, memory loss, irritability and irritability.

The little girl said thoughtfully: After I lost weight, people around me said that my temper has deteriorated. It turns out that starch is eaten less…

If you are blindly pursuing low starch content, just drink some porridge, drink some soup, and eat some pumpkin. It is to fool your stomach and will soon feel hungry. Then, the body will make a serious protest to you, let you madly yearn for all kinds of sweets and snacks, and eat the white starchy food such as bread, beans, milk and yellow packets, which can’t be restrained, which is worth the loss.

The little girl said in a row: Right! This is who I am! Since eating less staple food, the desire for sweets simply can’t be controlled. It turned out that I didn’t like sweets very much. Now I can’t move my feet in front of the cake shop, but I regret it after eating! Think of it, it’s better to eat a staple food!

Therefore, it is better to give up the demand for starch content and change the quality of starch food.

What is the quality of starch food? It is to replace some starch foods with low vitamin, mineral and dietary fiber content into starch foods with high nutritional quality. For example, the protein content of miscellaneous beans is three times that of rice, and the B vitamins are also much higher. The potassium content is more than ten times higher. Oatmeal, buckwheat, soba noodles and other high protein and slightly lower starch content, vitamins are also particularly rich. Potatoes are rich in vitamin C and potassium, and dietary fiber is also relatively high. Use them instead of a part of white rice white noodles, you can reduce the amount without reducing the amount, reduce the amount without reducing the nutrients, reduce the fat, the body meets!

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