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Not long ago, local governments introduced policies to permit families with both parents to have a second child. The Fifth Plenary Session proposed that it is necessary to fully liberalize the second birth. As soon as the policy came out, many middle-aged women were “sudden to move” and ignited the enthusiasm of wanting to be a mother again.

A woman told me that she is 39 years old this year and gave birth to a daughter 10 years ago. Now the child is getting older and sensible. The housework is no longer heavy, the work pressure is not great, the husband’s career is successful, and the comfortable and plain life is really a fault. Now, she suddenly found a new bright spot in life – a second child!

When this idea first appeared, she was very excited. Husband also expressed support, saying that you are all four people, and then it is too late to be born, and jokingly said that this time you can have a son! She asked me: Do you think I should regenerate one?

I said: If your mother is your personal choice, legal birth is of course no problem, but you have to complete several tasks before you can consider giving birth again.

When the mother has to complete the task before? She looked at me in surprise.

I said: When you first gave birth to your first baby, you are still young and energetic. Now, more than ten years later, your body is no longer young. To be able to afford the work of successfully nurturing new life, it must return to a young and healthy state. When you have your first child, you feel that you are the only baby. You must pay attention to your eugenics. Is it because it is the second child, you can breathe a sigh of relief, give birth to a child with poor health and poor quality? That way, I have a lot of troubles in the future, and I am not fair to my children.

If you feel tired when you go upstairs alone, will it be easy to bear more than 20 kilograms of the fetus and placenta?

If you have anemia, calcium deficiency, and poor digestion and absorption, then a person is malnourished, how can you ensure the normal development of the future fetus?

If your own blood sugar and blood pressure are not normal, will pregnancy-induced hypertension and gestational diabetes occur during pregnancy? This will bring considerable risks to the pregnancy and seriously affect the quality of the child.

Think about it, is your heart function powerful? Can kidney function bear the burden of two people excreting waste? Is your thyroid function normal?

Think about it, how is your mental state? What is the appearance of the image? How is your thinking ability? If you go to kindergarten to pick up your child in the future, you are slow, bloated, unresponsive, and unable to accept new things. Other children feel that you are not like a child’s mother, but like a child’s grandmother, what is your child’s feelings?

Finally, I thought about it. My parents helped you bring your children. Now my parents are too old to work for you and your newborn baby. You must take care of all the parenting tasks, while educating the older children who are taking the college entrance examination, while taking care of the children who are still naughty. This kind of worry, can you afford it?

When this was said, it really poured a cold water on the excitement of a woman. She sighed there for a moment, and then sighed: Oh, although it is quite hard, but think about it rationally, you can’t help but admit that what you said is really justified. I am now waist-skinned and looking like a middle-aged woman. Last year I found fatty liver, triglycerides exceeded the standard, and blood sugar was close to the normal limit.

People are not so light and energetic, driving every day, climbing on the 4th floor, breathing, regenerating a child, there is indeed a risk. Even if you can have a good birth, after the completion of the month, the body shape may not become what it is. It’s really challenging to think about the trouble of holding your child with your child to see a doctor every day…

This time it was my turn to encourage her. I said: Ben 4 is not a restricted area for childbirth, because the same is 40 years old, healthy and unhealthy couples, the physical age of the body will be more than ten years old and eight years old! You see that some people are still muscle-tight, flat waist, digestive, energetic, and even able to run like a fly. With such a physical state, birth and care for the baby will not be a problem.

It is recommended that you and your husband take the birth of the second child as the driving force, and quickly go to the individual test, establish the goal of reversing the physiological age, and then actually change their living conditions, adjust the diet according to the nutritional balance requirements I have previously said, and then strengthen the exercise and fitness, and work hard. Work hard for a year to let yourself achieve reverse growth. By that time, the fertility will be greatly enhanced, the quality of the baby will not be bad, the pregnancy will be safe and smooth, and even the natural birth, the whole process of breastfeeding.

A woman listened to this, and the excitement came back: It’s so rewarding to talk to you today. In fact, I have always envied you, how can people who run the five can flatten the lower abdomen, how can they participate in the running competition, but there has been no motivation to change their eating habits. This time, I am absolutely motivated. I want to take my husband and exercise for five days a week. I will go home with him every day to eat healthy meals.

I asked: Can you guarantee that you can do it?

She confidently replied: I will try my best to prepare for a year, and I will adjust the state to regenerate. For the second baby, I must grow back!

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